About  Brookwood solutions - Affordable, load restraint systems

Brookwood Load Solutions was founded in 2014 in order to supply an efficient and user friendly load restraint system for commercial vehicles that was also cost effective and compliant with DVSA legislation. The directors have over 30 years of experience working in the haulage industry and also in commercial vehicle compliancy, a great combination for a business such as this.

Through Brookwood we offer a solution to trailer manufacturers and transport companies which is simple for the driver to use, low maintenance and no matter what the height of the pallet is, the system still works to its full capacity. It is fully compliant with the latest DVSA legislation and can be retro fitted to any curtain sided vehicle. The system is very easy to install and when not in use retracts to the roof of the vehicle allowing full optimization of the load space.




Tony Brooks  linkedin

Tony has over 30 years of working in the haulage industry. He started his working life as a driver delivering fruit and veg for a local company. It wasn’t long before he bought his first vehicle and became an owner driver. Within a short period additional vehicles were added and in 2005, his business Brooks Transport Ltd became a member of Palletways. After 25 years of running Brooks Transport, the business was sold in 2011. He decided to take some time off and fulfill an ambition to build a Kit car.
In 2013 along with two business partners he set up Independent Logistic Solutions Ltd, which specializes in Pallet distribution in the Kent area. Following an issue with the DVSA and an insecure load, Tony started looking at load restraint systems but he found operational flaws in every one he looked at, that was until he found Strap2Go. The system was easy to fit, use and maintain and most importantly … It worked!!



Gary Wood  linkedin

Gary’ s background is IT based, having worked for over 25 years with Microsoft and Sybase, however after growing up in a family who ran a coach business, he always had an interest in commercial vehicles. After leaving the IT industry in 2004 he gained his LGV licence and starting working for a company as a transport manager. This position fired his interest in the procedural part of the transport operation and he went on to gain his operators CPC.

In 2009 the company he had been working for was sold and it was at this point he set up his own consultancy business Plumwood specialising in compliance within the transport industry. Plumwood works with over 90 business from the very large to owner drivers. Tony and Gary had known each other for many years but started working together again when Plumwood started advising Independent Logistic Solution on various compliance matters.


Brookwood Load Solutions was a very obvious choice of business for Gary and Tony, as with Tony’s knowledge of commercial vehicles and Gary’s knowledge of the legislation surrounding load resistant systems, they make a winning team.


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