Why our load restraint systems work...

Buying a compliant strapping system is not just about finding the best solution and bolting it to a vehicle, it’s a long term investment that you need to see the best return on. Brookwood Load Solutions Ltd have approached this problem as an operator and user, which is why we believe we have created the best value and most efficient system on the market.

Cost - each Strap2Go system is priced by the number of pallets to be strapped, excluding the tracking system and it’s fitting. The reason for pricing it like this is because we use a standard Unistrut track which is available nationwide. We did consider Henderson Track but found not only is it more expensive but the size can vary by 4 or 5mm which would cause problems with the sliding trollies.

We show the typical cost of track and fitting per trailer or rigid vehicle and suggest you allow 2 persons 3 hours to fit your first vehicle.

Damage Repair - accidents happen and by using such an easily sourced track you can expect to get next or even same day delivery or replacement parts irrespective of where you are located. By locating the track high up in the roof and protected by the cant rail we have done everything we can to avoid damage by forklifts.

Drivers - it’s no use having a system that isn't used. We feel we have created a solution that is easier to use than any other on the market. The positive fit of the strap hook into the rave or loading eye means the driver can move to the other side knowing when he tensions the strap it won’t slip out and possibly hit him. It’s as fast to use Strap2Go as existing hanging straps but without the £100 fine from the DVSA for non-compliance.

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