Worst first day at work?

On July 16th a 55 year old driver was starting his new job as a driver for L.E.Jones Haulage, which involved delivering a load from Chirk to Liverpool.

During his journey, he shed 17 tonnes of chipboard whilst crossing a roundabout, but claims he had not realised and continued with the drive until he was later stopped on the M6 with ripped curtains. The incident caused a main road to be closed for 2 hours whilst 15 workers attempted to move all the chipboard from the road.

The driver was only fined £100 for the incident, £50 of which was for having an insecure load and the other £50 for failing to stop at the scene. However he was also forced to pay £105 in costs as well as gaining 5 points on his licence, not to mention getting dismissed on his very first day of work.