Strapping Systems

The STRAP2GO system offers a fast, safe and simple solution for fastening and unfastening various types of cargo in curtain sided vehicles both rigid and articulated. All fastening and unfastening of the straps is at ground level, keeping drivers safe and in compliance with the latest HSE Guidelines. To install all you need to do is get access to the existing tracking and slide the Strap2go system and adaptor in.

Select from a single, rigid or double decked trailer below.

£595 + VAT and Track/Fitting*

Rigid Vehicle System

So much of the focus on strapping systems is on trailers, but rigids often on multidrop work need to have loads secured as well. The same Strap2Go kit can be used across the whole fleet. We even have solutions for mixed delivery freight where vehicles load and unload either through the curtains or the back door, ask for more details.

£895 + VAT and Track/Fitting*

Single Deck Strapping System

The most common installation of the Strap2Go system, all thirteen straps slide to the front or rear clear of forklifts for loading. Once the vehicle is loaded the driver simply positions the straps and secures the freight, without climbing onto the trailer or putting themselves in danger.

£895 + VAT and Track/Fitting*

Double Deck Strapping System

We believe this is the only viable retrofit system for double deck trailers. Designed for the complex needs of pallet network operators who have inconsistent sized freight to secure, this will ensure full compliance of this flexible design of trailer.