Double Deck Strapping System

A complete Strap2Go kit for a typical double deck curtain sided trailer installation. You fit the system and then just thread your own straps through and you have a compliant solution to strapping loads in your vehicle.

Typical 26 Pallet System comprises of:

  • 26 x Aluminium Strap2Go head units 
  • 26 x Aluminium sliding system trollies 
  • 4 x 6 Metre Unistrut Track 
  • 2 x 3 Metre Unistrut Track 
  • 2 x Unistrut Track couplers 
  • 20 x Unistrut 1x1 Brackets 
  • 20 x M10 Nuts and Bolts or Henderson Drop Bolts 
  • 6 x End Stopper Bolts

£895 + VAT and Track/Fitting*


The Strap2Go system is we believe the only system you can retrofit to a double deck trailer. All the pallet networks and operators we speak to have a 400kg limit on pallets loaded onto the top deck. This as we understand the current DVSA load matrix means they do not need to be strapped rave to rave just “restrained” and the standard hanging straps meet this requirement (see Legislation section.).

For the bottom deck we bolt our track under the top deck floor losing you less than 45mm of load space. As most bottom decks also have a centre post we pull 3 straps to the rear, 3 to the front and gather the middle three around that post.

The swan neck has a separate section of track high up in the roof and extra-long straps are needed to allow for the range of height of loads placed here.

If you want to strap rave to rave on the top deck we can do this if you intend to carry heavy pallets, please ask for details.

Why not check out our installation guide for a better idea of how easy it is to use.

*Cost of Track Approx. £110