Rigid Vehicle System

A complete Strap2Go kit for a typical rigid vehicle installation. You fit the system and then just thread your own straps through and you have a compliant solution to strapping loads in your vehicle.

Typical Rigid Vehicle System comprises of:

  • 14 x Aluminium Strap2Go head units 
  • 14 x Aluminium sliding system trollies 
  • 2 x 6 Metre Unistrut Track 
  • 2 x 3 Metre Unistrut Track 
  • 2 x Unistrut Track couplers 
  • 14 x Unistrut 1x1 Brackets 
  • 14 x M10 Nuts and Bolts or Henderson Drop Bolts 
  • 4 x End Stopper Bolts

£595 + VAT and Track/Fitting*


These vehicles are more of a challenge than you would imagine because of the varied uses they are put to. Unlike most artics that do only a few drops a day, these vehicles can easily carry out over 20 deliveries and collections.

With the busy pace of typical multidrop per day, drivers do not want to be opening both sides at every delivery, particularly when they are unloading out of the back door onto a loading bay or tail lift.

For these systems we can offer a short handle ratchet, normally used by car transporters, which can be released and tensioned without the need to open the curtains. Because we understand how a driver uses Strap2Go in the ‘real world’ we know that little extras like these can make his life so much easier and productive.

We can cover the whole range of body types from 16 pallet 18/26/32 tonne vehicles to 10 pallet 7.5 tonne and smaller.

Why not check out our installation guide for a better idea of how easy it is to use.


*Cost of Track Approx. £60